Thursday, June 30, 2011

kristen stewart twilight

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  • eastindia
    12-20 04:22 PM
    Very good documentary

    Anti-immigrant losers programmers can't match these skills. These IITians are best and the brightest.

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  • belmontboy
    09-21 05:53 PM
    I think you are talking about Pre-Adjudication.

    There are numerous threads on this forum. Check out them

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  • alisa
    06-21 01:52 PM

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  • martinvisalaw
    08-05 12:28 PM
    I went to US on B1 and came back to india last week, I would like to apply H1 in the current year. Is there any cooling period to apply H1B once come back from US on B1 or Can I start the H1B process immediately.

    Your employer can start the H-1B process immediately, there is no need to wait.


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  • forgerator
    09-04 10:37 PM
    any one?

    again.. not sure whether I need to pay just $150 for visa stamping fee, or $300 (myself and spouse).

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  • ajay
    01-25 11:05 AM
    I would suggest you to call up USCIS and tell them about your situation. I am sure they will advice you to what to do next.

    Good Luck.


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  • shiridisai
    07-27 04:13 PM
    I am not seeing any LC approvals nowa days at Atlanta. anyone know what's happening. :confused:

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  • raju123
    02-07 11:08 AM
    This is wrong. Indian news papers have wrong call. We discussed this before. It is confusing and misleading as amendment was withdrawn last moment from HR 2

    Just saw this news on Economics Times (Indian Newspaper).


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  • RNGC
    02-11 04:28 PM
    don't understand...dum it down please...

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  • walking_dude
    02-14 03:55 PM
    I got a confirmation today that 2 more of my personal contacts have sent theirs.

    Flowers to USCIS earlier, Now...Love Letters to President. IV = Love :)


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  • dunlop
    09-14 07:16 PM
    I've filed for the I-140 with EB-1 category in business, then additional evidence was requested and finally received a denial. I would like to know:
    1. What are the chances to get approved after appealing?
    2. If I were to appeal can I present new evidence?
    3. After filing the appeal, how long should I expect to receive an answer from DC office?
    4. If I ask for additional time before appealing, what are the chances that the additional time will be approved?
    5. Is it better to appeal or to request a motion to reopen whenever I gather the new info to defend my case?
    6. Do I have better chances if I skip both appealing and motion to reopen and focus on re filing a new case?


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  • IntezarGCKA
    02-17 11:15 PM
    It won't be through any company. It would be through the school itself. If the school needs a teacher then it can file for his/her h1b.

    Thanks Godbless

    Does anyone know about a School that require teachers and apply their H1B.


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  • a2k2
    06-14 04:45 PM
    My AP was approved while my wife's it was denied with reason "there is no pending I-485". My PD is 22 Nov 05 which is not yet current so I don't understand why they denied derivative spouses petition while mine was approved. We had an interview back in January and everything went on well there. Did anyone have similar issue? What are my options? I do not want to spend money and file for motion to reopen.

    Thank you.

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  • RadioactveChimp
    04-16 01:52 AM
    alright sorry man. I got an idea, why don't you make one with just link, that would be nice :thumb:


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  • aat0995
    08-01 04:58 PM
    My application got approved today! Good luck to everyone.

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  • achu
    09-26 03:45 PM
    Technically, you can do that. But it's better for you to transer your case to consular processing if you are not planning to be in the US for a couple years.

    I forget to mention that it is for my wife. she is my dependent with EAD and AP. i know if she have green card she have to stay 6 months in usa. it that applies to EAD and AP also.


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  • hopelessGC
    11-05 01:39 PM
    Thanks :)

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  • TomTancredo
    03-02 04:57 PM
    Looks like there is a huge backlog of perm applications. I am not sure if they will look at your application anytime soon. If your application is pending more than a year at least you could apply for extension of H1.

    It will be delusional on our part to think that perm applications will have an easy approvals.

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  • HalfDog
    07-26 07:36 PM
    ahaha well..whoops

    04-03 04:35 PM
    the 140 was denied because of missing job description from my first employer, it took 5 months for the MTR to be processed.

    receipt dates:
    i485 - 07/2007
    i140 - 07/2007
    priority date 12/2002.

    05-24 08:11 PM
    if you're dragging the object in the scene, that would scale the object. to move the camera, click in an empty space and drag (to zoom, right click and drag).
    here's a link to some tutorials that will give you some insight on the tools: (
    first link on th page-swift3d2 will bring up 15-20 tutorials.

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