Thursday, June 2, 2011

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  • oyah
    Feb 18, 10:46 AM
    My service provider offers CPanel Horde for webmail. I didn't used to mind that but now Horde has been changed in lots of crappy ways and I don't like it. Plus it doesn't work at all on Safari.

    Is there a way for me to get my webmail through another service?

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  • pdxflint
    Feb 25, 05:30 AM
    Welcome to the digital photo forum. I look forward to seeing your work.

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  • Daveway
    Feb 13, 12:55 AM
    Any post that even questions or insults Keira's beauty will get you summarily banned.

    Well, I may be the first. I've been devising a plan to counter strike edesigns Keira renegade. The only thing holding me back is a decision of whom I will use to attack. Call it Battle of the Hottest Avatars.

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  • caspian
    Mar 23, 10:44 AM
    Wasn't it Jean-Marie Hullot who created Xcode and Interface Builder?

    A coworker tells me Bertrand wrote Interface Builder as part of his thesis before being hired at NeXT - imagine where Mac and iOS development would be today without him!


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  • MrSmith
    Apr 26, 09:52 PM
    As a lesbian, I take this passage to mean that having sex with a man is detestable. So, what you're saying is that you find it detestable for a woman to have sex with a man? Lesbians everywhere thank you for your support.
    No straight man in their right mind would find lesbian sex detestable...

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  • R.Perez
    Mar 16, 11:24 PM
    Rape is about power and domination. Not about sex. it does not matter one bit what any woman was wearing.


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  • obeygiant
    Apr 5, 06:47 PM
    So whether a person deserves to get mugged based on how he dresses has nothing to do with whether he dresses as a wealthy person dresses, but instead has everything to do with your moral judgment of how well he conforms to standards that exist in your own head. Dressing like a pimp or drug dealer: fair game. Dressing like a much wealthier Wall Street type: well that's just so wrong you can't even understand the comparison.

    People you respect don't deserve to be victimized, but people you don't respect are just getting what they ask for.

    Should your assessment of responsibility for criminal behavior be based on such superficial judgmentalism, or should everyone be equal before the law?

    Well look at you projecting what you think I believe over what was posted. We'd make a lot more head way in this forum if this kind of **** would stop happening, but I guess it's too much to ask. Because I didn't post nor do I agree with anything you wrote.

    Your blind comparison of an 11 year old "dressing like a prostitute" and a man in a business suit to prove some point didn't work.

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  • Apple Expert
    Apr 4, 10:37 AM
    So it looks like when I upgrade every year, I will have to pay an additional $50? :mad: F U AT&T. If you weren't giving me 3+ downloads I would of dropped you in a second!


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  • Mmarzex
    Aug 9, 09:41 PM
    My first desktop pic of my first mac. It is awesome :D

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  • Rojo
    Oct 9, 05:23 PM
    It's pretty darn sexy. I'm loving it so far!! there really no way to lock portrait viewing so it doesn't go into landscape mode every time you turn it? If!!


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  • semaja2
    Dec 25, 07:58 PM
    Hey guys my new ibook and its batery in coconut battery is reporting werid things like ive does the calbiration and in cocunut it says orginal : 4400mah but the current is 4573mah

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  • deanfx4u
    Mar 26, 08:36 PM
    yeah, i'd be pissed :mad:


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  • robo74
    Jun 28, 01:59 PM
    Thinking 4 is ok, but a good deal on a 8GB is tempting as well.
    Pm me, let me know what you have.

    Have paypal ready.


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  • kdawg
    Jan 9, 05:43 PM
    The phone totally ROCKS! howerver,

    I am A GSM user but do not care for cingular. I was looking forward to this phone, but will not use cingular... so no phone for me. I would also like to take advantage of 3G since it is available in my area.

    What's up with Leopard... I would have like to have seen that and also been promised a release date on it... my G4 was slow when I bought it, but I wanted OS X. It's an awesome OS... I am waiting for leopard to be released before I get my next Mac.


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  • untypoed
    Apr 11, 04:36 AM
    [Not going to quote the entire 3 pictures]

    Who's ass is that?

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  • arn
    Nov 1, 06:46 PM
    yeah, a side effect of some major mysql issues we had over the past 24 hours.

    Bottom line - I fixed the query... so should work now.



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  • tinman0
    Apr 28, 08:40 AM
    They are still expecting to sell 5 million.

    5m at an average turnover of $650 EACH....

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  • AlmostJosh
    Dec 31, 04:19 PM
    A tarantula and a Tripp jacket :D

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  • mad jew
    Sep 24, 06:59 PM
    I believe their words contained the phrase "ignorance is bliss".

    They must have been confused. My 'tar is bliss. :p

    Apr 28, 04:26 PM
    Hold iPhone horizontally.
    Use iMovie App ( (it's call editing).

    Nov 24, 10:40 AM
    This looks to be the same kind of app as Growl ( which someone did mention in this thread.

    oops. :o i like adium, i'd go check it out, but i can't get the page to load... :confused:

    Jun 23, 05:10 PM
    does anyone know if the supercenters are going to be selling them at 12 tonight?

    Apr 1, 05:28 PM
    The Post Your Mac Set-up thread has all the links to the previous threads.. How about we do the same for here? Just incase you want it. It's interesting to see the desktops throughout the years. I'm such a geek.

    Man, Mac OS looked horrible back then. Even below 10.4:eek:

    Apr 13, 07:31 PM
    As long as Apple is using the time wisely to design a better iPhone, then I don't mind either.

    In the mean time, I can't wait to dump my iPhone 4.

    It's the most disappointing Apple product I've ever owned. If it could make and receive calls as well as the other AT&T phones I currently use, then I wouldn't be in such a rush to dump it.

    And NO IT'a NOT AT&T!

    Nor am I sticking up for them, or advocating, as I use both AT&T and Verizon. But the fact is, if it was them, my HTC Inspire and others would suffer the same poor call quality as the iPhone.

    And NO IT's NOT JUST THE ANTENNA.. It's a combination of things which have prevented it from being a decent phone.

    That said, the rest of it (other than the tiny 3.5" display) I really like!

    So come on Apple, let's see you get your act together and do what I KNOW you can do, build a really outstanding smartphone.

    I haven't lost faith, I'm ready, cash in hand.

    What a steaming pile of ......... This troll/clown joined 5 days ago to trash apple. The following was his first post:

    "Please Help with OS versions MBP & iPhone 4
    Just switched from PC to Mac

    Bought a new 2010 MBP with 10.6.4, and a new iPhone 4 with 4.3.x

    I've been using the computer for about five months, but the iPhone just arrived right now, and I haven't even unpacked it yet when a question came to mind.


    May I sync the new iPhone to iTunes for the Initial Setup WITHOUT updating OS X on my MBP?

    I prefer NOT to just yet, since the computer is running perfectly and I'm still getting accustomed to it.

    I'm also not ready to have the Mac App Store installed until I get familiar with the rest of this change from PC to Mac.

    Thanks "

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