Wednesday, June 1, 2011

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  • hayesk
    Apr 7, 11:13 AM
    I was wondering whether these issues only apply to people who JB their phones? Or perhaps there is some particular app that they all have installed doesn't agree with 4.3.1.

    No jailbreak here. And feel free to tell me what app. Most apps don't run in the background, so I'd love to hear your theory on that.

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  • skunk
    Apr 4, 06:28 PM
    Thisthere are women who get sexually assaulted regardless of what they're wearing.
    and thisit's women (the prey) who first need to stop dressing provocatively and more with class, and then men (the predator) will stop the sexual assaults.
    don't seem to add up.

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  • rasmasyean
    Apr 17, 11:11 PM
    2.1 is the replacement rate (

    Ponzi schemes FTW. Europe will need 20 million immigrants by 2030 and way more by 2050 in order to maintain their lifestyle, or we could be monsters and kill old people.

    That's not how civilization works. What happens is that a superior country will immigrate people from external inferior lands where necessary. Much, as you can imagine, to take over the "low end" jobs to support the "high end" workers. An early version of this is known as "slavery". Today, we just give immigrants low wages and more "freedom" albeit they still mop the floor so the CEO doesn't slip.

    It's also consistent with the idea of importing "strong slaves". Those migrant workers are often the hard workers and upper teir of thier former civilization. Because...those are the ones who make the trip and are productive enough to be allowed to stay without being weeded out.

    Later, when these "strong slaves" reproduce, it provides the country with strong genetic stock for future workers, whom some will break away from the lower classes. It doesn't matter if they are not part of the "2.1 whites". As a matter of fact, many 2.1 white rednecks trickle to the lower classes, just as super strong immigrates get to invent some of our greatest weapons.

    Furthurmore, as technology advances, "manpower" is compensated by "brainpower". Before the steam engine cycle was invented, it would take like 100 slaves to get the boat of wheat accross the ocean. Now it takes maybe one or a couple of play cards...until something breaks.

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  • Chip NoVaMac
    Sep 26, 08:01 PM
    I may be in the minority, but the rule around here is that you obey whoever pays the bills. That means that if you're still living under your parents' roof (or you're depending on them to pay the tuition, room, and board), then you live by their rules.

    Same rule here, under a different saying - my way or the highway.


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  • Consultant
    Mar 25, 11:13 AM
    This may only happen if they get rid of the consumer-quality GPS receiver in it. Would raise the price of the handset, though.

    It's more than likely going to be the use of their own software (iMaps?) rather than use Google which has their own Mobile OS now.

    iPhone GPS works great for me, even when I visit New York City.

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  • bigrobb
    Feb 4, 06:45 PM
    here is mine


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  • drmacpro
    Aug 7, 05:04 PM

    All the desktop Widgets, could some one name them?

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  • Macdaddy1129
    Sep 4, 02:37 PM
    Running geektool. Most of the desktops you see are running it to display computer information, weather, music, etc.
    I'm also using a black dock with the icons.
    �See this thread for Geektool (
    �See this link for black dock (

    I thought you had gotten rid of the dock but kept the apps and whatnot and just had a black strip(geektool pic probably). Didn't realize that the dock just blended in with the black strip.


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  • -SD-
    Jul 25, 02:11 PM

    Enough of this Tekken X Street Fighter nonsense, the re-release of one of the greatest fighting games ever is coming. And now we have online play :D This is almost certainly going to be on PSN/XBLA, but I doubt it'll be out before next spring.

    Now, about that small matter of a Power Stone collection with online play....


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  • MacRumors
    Apr 7, 08:13 AM (


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  • TheMonarch
    Sep 24, 08:08 PM
    thats not the issue i'm contesting, what i'm saying is why do most american parents take issue at their kids having sex, it makes no sense unless your kid is stupid and has random unsafe sex.


    But there are many many reasons they would have a problem with that. The most predominant reason would probably be... Dare I say it... Religion.

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  • johnbro23
    Sep 24, 03:28 PM
    Let's say the girl is almost 18, but they're in the same grade (seniors in high school).


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  • bobbleheadbob
    Apr 27, 07:43 PM
    It's easy: if you don't want anyone tracking you, then don't carry your phone (or other electronics) with you when you go out. We need to get back to the 70's and start installing more phone booths on street corners again.

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  • mattwolfmatt
    Apr 6, 11:45 AM
    1 petabyte = 1000 terrabytes or 1 million gigabytes.


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  • SnowTronic
    Apr 14, 01:01 PM
    Just curious, I am a big Led Zeppelin fan, and I am doing a report about the guitarist Jimmy Page's early life before he became a "rockstar", I can't really find anything on google, so does anybody happen to know any bio info abu him?

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  • alecgold
    Dec 23, 01:13 AM
    Whats puzzling me is how small companies can have huge problems with loss of data, networks that stop working, people getting home at three o'clock because the couldn't work from 10 that morning, people running to the next floor because their printers don't work, laptops that can't work wireless, updates and systemupgrades that don't work well so every computer in a company needs to be reinstalled. All those problems are pretty expensive, if you calculate the cost of 100% of your company not being able to work from 10 in the morning? I only see this in sme's but I doubt this is calculated into the tco at large companies.
    I had less than a handful situations in the last 5 years where I had data or time lost since I switched. But I also had 4 laptops that had significant problems in the 3 months before I switched.

    I don't doubt the enterprise it staff has good reasons to use the systems they do, but I'm sure it doesn't have anything to do with TCO. things like tco are impossible to calculate right. The time that an employee spends on downtime of his laptop, booting for the n-th time to hope you can get into this or that system. But also data loss when your computer crashes or some system hangs and it becomes unable to retrieve the work you've done for several hours.
    If those problems only occur in sme's, perfect, never use os-x in an enterprise again. But as a user I do have the feeling that a lot of the true cost of it are not calculated. And as with everything in an enterprise, if it's not forecasted, calculated or kicked down from the top, it doesn't exist.


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  • iHalo
    Oct 18, 05:50 PM
    Just looking to switch it up a bit... :) Anyone have any suggestions?

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  • Full of Win
    Apr 27, 04:42 PM
    maybe because, often, it's not even an issue ... until the media makes it an issue.


    ....because Apple says nothing and allows it to fester.

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  • twoodcc
    Mar 4, 09:25 AM
    Yeah, we seem to have reversed the drop. The trend is really obvious if you look at our weekly and monthly charts on extremeoverclocking:

    I've added a second i7 2600k for another 50k PPD and a new quad core MBP is coming tomorrow, but I don't intend to use that for folding long term.
    Also, we've just entered another cold snap here, so the GPUs can run for another week or so!

    Keep it up!

    that's awesome! you'll have to let us know how that quad mbp does! i wonder how much wattage it would use also?

    but yeah, you and whiterabbit are carrying us right now!

    Mac Rules
    Jul 26, 07:23 PM
    Actually, its Blu-Ray AS WELL AS, not in place of HD-DVD. Both formats will be supported.

    Maybe the software, but the drive itself may be only compatible with Blu-Ray rather than HD-DVD. Different wavelenghts and all. Could be wrong though, I just think that Apple might let you REAd HD-DVD, just not write....


    Apr 7, 10:30 PM
    Overpriced. These games are ancient and most of them don't offer much gameplay at all. Plus it cost atari essentially nothing to put this app out. If they made it $0.99 for the hundred pack then it'd be no-brainer, we'd buy it just for the nostalgia alone. I could conceivably see paying up to $4.99 for the hundred pack for the very small handful of games that are actually worth playing. But $14.99 for these junky games? No way.

    p.s., I'm not saying all old games are bad, quite the contrary, there are a lot of fantastic old games that still hold up well, but the atari era of games were especially crappy.

    Oct 13, 07:24 AM
    I'd rather pay and get upgrades than have the developer abandon the app because it isn't profitable to do anymore free updates.

    Excuse me, but he did abandon it. He abandoned Tweetie 1 to create Tweetie 2.

    I don't care about the $3. $3 is no big deal and I have absolutely no desire to have this app anyway. By the way, I keep hearing it's not an upgrade, but you're saying he's charging to keep upgrading his app. Which is it? Is he charging for an upgrade or abandoning his app that people paid for, for this brand new app that he says isn't an upgrade?

    Quite frankly, whether this app is worth the money or not, is of no consequence to me (as stated, I don't want it in any event), but what does concern me is the precedent it may set. "It's only $3." Multiply that by all of the apps in the app store. Imagine some of the developers of the crap apps charging people for an update to make their games do what they should've done in the first place. It could turn into much more than "only $3."

    Hopefully, that won't happen on a large scale, but I doubt some sleazy developers out there won't be thinking about it now. "Buy e-mail 2. If you purchase this app, you can send e-mail as well as receive it."

    Nov 7, 06:18 AM
    So my website has an RSS feed, but despite this I do not know how to get a RSS icon to display in the Safari 2.0 toolbar, or to display on the bottom right corner of Firefox. How is this done? Anything you guys can do to help would be nice.

    Mar 19, 03:18 AM
    For that matter, why not Madoff? The effects of his mischief harmed far more people than even Manning. Why should he be spared the chair?

    Harmed them financially, not physically. Not death penalty worthy. Again, i support the death penalty only for the most heinous of crimes. It should be used sparingly.