Wednesday, June 1, 2011

happy birthday wishes for husband

happy birthday wishes for husband. Husband - Happy Birthday Card
  • Husband - Happy Birthday Card

  • SchneiderMan
    Aug 16, 02:40 AM
    Mine - Will share this wallpaper after I get done finishing another color.

    happy birthday wishes for husband. Birthday Wishes to My Husband
  • Birthday Wishes to My Husband

  • AppleNewton
    May 6, 08:25 PM
    its worked for me using wireless, just hold it down a while longer and wait until the hardware test icon shows up.

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  • Multimedia
    Jul 26, 11:18 PM
    Maybe where you live. I tried it in La Jolla, CA with Terk TV5 and I just was able to get couple channels and very choppy.Yeah I have to move my Terk TV5 antenna every time I change the channel. It's not easy. Very sensitive to antenna position A LOT.Sorry Multimedia. I even joined your yahoo group and I was very excite about the possibilities of the EyeTV500. I just turned out to be not the way you said.
    It works maybe for you, but in some cases like mine require way more than what your are just saying.
    I am just trying to make sure people are not going through the same hassle and disappointment I had.
    so be aware!Sorry. Off air recording is obviously a crap shoot. I do have to tweak the antenna every time I change channels. So there is a lot of baby sitting the antenna I have to do all the time. Digital Broadcast TV is both a blessing and a curse. I wonder if it's a conspiracy by the cable operators to force subscriptions.

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  • happy birthday greetings for

  • chainprayer
    Feb 11, 10:47 AM
    Awesome! Thank you!


    happy birthday wishes for husband. Free Happy Birthday eCards
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  • neko girl
    May 3, 02:07 AM
    The irony of a forum with a very large gay and bisexual membership to ask for blood donations is beyond ridiculous.

    Think this through, MacRumors, think this through.
    I think what good donating blood does is bigger than your sexual orientation, or mine. I would have died if not for donated blood, so maybe I'm biased, I don't know.

    happy birthday wishes for husband. Birthday Wish For Your Husband
  • Birthday Wish For Your Husband

  • Philalbe
    Mar 20, 09:28 AM
    Yes you are certainly charging way too little. My basic sites start at $500 and go up from there depending on what the client wants. Usually I charge it by the job and in some cases, there will be add on's and I usually charge $50-$75 per hour for that work. I have a few NPO's and for them I start my quotes to them at $300 for the job.

    From the sounds of this guy you're dealing with, I would just move on and forget him. Finish whatever you've started and end it there.

    Thanks again for the reply and the pricing advice. The MacRumors Design Forum is a very welcoming and supportive community. :)


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  • MacNewsFix
    Apr 27, 09:38 PM
    NBC has a great little sample, violins on television (

    It would be stellar if Al Franken would say, "Never mind," in the Senate. That would be funny.

    LOL! :p

    happy birthday wishes for husband. Romantic Happy Birthday Scraps
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  • nagromme
    Mar 31, 11:33 AM
    It's cool, but totally pointless other than being used as a tech demo.

    I fully expect that the control will not be fine enough on the layers / brushes, etc to be acceptable for commercial or even personal use. It's hard enough to select and erase layer parts when using a WACOM tablet on a PC or Mac... Now we do the same thing with fingerpaint precision....

    There are already quite a few VERY good paint/editing apps on iOS that support layers. And quite a few people doing amazing, precise freehand work. Zoom helps! And touching your work directly removes a creative barrier. Compared to looking one place and moving your hand someplace else (Wacom or mouse; although people adapt well to those too).

    Desktops/laptops won’t go away, but the iPad is ALREADY being used for serious production, and that will only grow as multitasking (the new gestures) and file management/sharing (wireless and painless?) catch up. iOS is still young!

    The way I look at the iPad for serious creative work is that current apps typically offer 1/4 of the full power of a desktop app... and most of us only use 1/20 of that power anyway! So find the app that has the tools you need... or find several apps! And what makes up for that limited power? Much greater ease and convenience. You’ll still use your desktop Photoshop (etc.) as well, but an iPad in the production mix can be a great tool. (And an iPad plus a ton of great creative apps costs less than many single desktop programs!)

    My tiny-screen iPhone already had a role in my creative production work. That will only grow (literally) with a bigger screen!

    I’d love to see more offerings from Adobe. (I actually really like Adobe Ideas on iPhone. It’s a vector program of sorts with a paint program UI. Images zoom sharply to any size when exported as PDF.)


    happy birthday wishes for husband. free happy birthday card
  • free happy birthday card

  • BoyBach
    Nov 29, 12:33 PM
    The studios want Apple to limit the number of iPods that the downloads can be played on. Do they not realise that the entire point of the iTunes Store is to drive sales of the highly profitable iPods? I cannot see Apple agreeing.

    happy birthday wishes for husband. Happy Birthday Wishes Husband.
  • Happy Birthday Wishes Husband.

  • glocke12
    May 4, 05:16 PM
    Yep, that's what I think. He should have been interrogated, but not with "enhanced" methods.

    But don't you think there is a difference between your typical criminal/murderer, and someone like KSM who is a terrorist leader/organizer and has first hand knowledge of terrorist networks?

    Seriously, I somehow doubt that asking him nicely to tell us what he knows would have worked.


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  • URFloorMatt
    Apr 28, 08:56 AM
    The key will be when Verizon gets the iPhone 5, as many have already said. But I don't see how contract commitments would be holding back current Verizon customers. Verizon customers have never bought a phone en masse like AT&T users with iPhones. Current AT&T customers looking to switch, however, would presumably be locked in to a 3GS contract for at least another couple of months, though at this point the ETF on a June or July 2009 contract is substantially less than another month of service. But they probably also believe a new iPhone will be coming in June, which might explain why they're content to sit tight.

    Nothing about the CDMA iPhone matters until the new edition is released. Then we'll get a clearer picture of iPhone interest.

    happy birthday wishes for husband. Birthday Greetings For
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  • Lord Blackadder
    May 4, 07:07 PM
    Ok, I'll go first. E.I. = torture, and where is the line to hook electrodes up to KSM's balls?

    Good. Let's keep the language clear an unencumbered with euphemism. Too bad nobody in any official capacity will do so - it is highly disturbing that our elected officials choose to lie about something that is obviously an open secret.

    Now, the fact of the matter is, torture is unconstitutional, and the US is a party to a UN treaty outlawing torture. So I don't understand how it can possibly be legal under any circumstances. We are in breach of our own constitutional principles as well as international law.

    Torture is wrong. I cannot support it as policy. As much as I recognize the need to gather intelligence from all sources including prisoners, I simply cannot speak out in favor of torture. It's not something that our society should value or accept, even against our enemies. Furthermore, it sets a bad example both internationally and at home.


    happy birthday wishes for husband. Happy Birthday Greetings For
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  • Mexbearpig
    Oct 1, 03:28 PM
    ^ Thank you!

    I've a few books on the artist and its amazing how varied his work and how influential he was (like Van Gogh and Whistler). He was prolific and I usually get my desktops with a google image search

    There are some good image repositories/ information, if you're interested here's a link to one (and a picture very different but very interesting at the same time)

    That first link is a gold mine! Thanks :)

    happy birthday wishes for husband. Happy Birthday to my husband,
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  • paul4339
    Apr 27, 04:39 PM
    Why does it take a media storm for Apple to open up on an issue ? It would be so much better if they more forthcoming and frank before an issue snowballs.

    maybe because, often, it's not even an issue ... until the media makes it an issue.



    happy birthday wishes for husband. Happy Birthday To My Husband
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  • Ommid
    Apr 24, 06:39 AM
    I am going to do it manually, there is software out there but it isnt 100% accurate.

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  • mikeylikesit
    Mar 20, 10:52 AM
    Hello. I was wondering if there is an app that will allow me to mirror output from a JB iPad to another iPad. I'm running 4.2.1 and jail broken. I currently use an iPad as a video player for my kids in the car, however, I would like another monitor so there is a display behind both headrests. I was considering a 7-10 inch monitor and running a cable, however with the lower prices for the original iPad this might be a better option. Thanks you.


    happy birthday wishes for husband. Happy Birthday Greetings For
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  • rdowns
    Mar 16, 06:21 PM
    Yes, and they're all just bleeding heart emotional responses, and i don't buy into that crap. Sorry, but my opinion on this isn't changing. Funny, the polls say non-religious people between the age of 18-29 are most likely to support the death penalty, and that's exactly where i fit.

    Yeah, I thought I was pretty smart in my 20s. I thought the same thing about my 30s when i hit 40.

    happy birthday wishes for husband. Happy Birthday Wishes
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  • mcdj
    Mar 27, 08:58 PM
    Lets all quit feeding the troll, no one ever said they were going to visit him.

    And even if one of his victims wanted to meet him to straighten things out peacefully, and he invited them to his house, and shot them, he would need to prove the person meant to harm or kill him, which given the victim came in peace with no weapon or intent, is impossible, that dumbass will be in jail before he's 25 cause he thinks he can shoot people for fun.

    yeah by the sounds of him, we'll be reading about him in the police blotter or obits sooner than later. good riddance.

    happy birthday wishes for husband. dad husband Happy Birthday
  • dad husband Happy Birthday

  • iMJustAGuy
    Apr 7, 10:57 AM
    Got it!

    Feb 7, 03:29 PM
    One thread per topic, please. Your other thread can be found, and continued, here.

    Aug 2, 11:36 AM
    If you install the TineEye extension for Safari (, FireFox ( or Chrome ( you'll be able to easily locate the original wallpapers if someone just posts a screenshot :) Or just use the webfrontend ( instead...

    Oct 5, 05:26 PM
    i'm a webdesigner and totally agree with psychometry.

    the new textarea feature is the worst way to resolve one of safari worst layout problems. current textarea doesn't show the scrollbars everytime it's necessary and sometimes resizes horizontaly while you're typing, damaging some page layouts.

    if the new feature allows users to resize both verticaly and horizontaly it's probably a bad sollution apple found to the scroll problem.

    if you don't design pages you may not understand, but sometimes its necessary to fix a size to a textarea and other components (height and width), otherwise it will push other elements and images would look like a puzzle. fixing size is one of the solutions to make pages working in different browsers, once each one show form elements diffrently.

    even if the resize feature doesn't push other elements, override them would be terrible as well. if you have links and other text fields for example, how would it behave if you use tab key to swich field in a form?

    Apr 28, 02:47 PM
    Where are all the people who were ranting here for years over ATT and wanting VERIZON?

    Sure, there are many locked into contracts, but where are all the NEW customers that were ranting that they were waiting for a VERIZON iPhone and kept slamming ATT?

    Is this due to "antennagate?" I seriously doubt that.

    Apparently, they were the trolling vocal minority according to this report.

    Either that or Apple & ATT's marketing campaign that pitted the advantages of GSM over CDMA actually worked. Hmm.

    That and I honestly haven't seen nearly as many ads from VERIZON over the iPhone than when ATT had it exclusively & originally. I think VERIZON was busy counting the eggs before they hatched.

    Aug 24, 07:42 PM
    Since they're losing money with each 49¢ song they sell, I hope they sell millions more....

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