Thursday, June 2, 2011

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  • /UserName
    Apr 16, 06:40 PM
    Is there a way to go back to a configuration of a few days ago? My cousin has been messing around with my computer and I want to put it all back the way it was. (I have never used the time machine on this computer so I don't think that will help)

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  • ChrisA
    Nov 29, 12:12 PM
    What Apple needs to do is establish the "normal" rights a user gets when they buy a video. Of course every Disney film will come with the normal, default rights. Then if another studio wants to sell a video with different rights attached iTunes should clearly label the video in big red letters as being "crippled with restrictive usage rights" Then a pop-up dialog box should appear that explains this and asks "Do you really want this crap are would you prefer we mailed you the DVD copy" Finally after reading the warning label and clicking yes in the pop up you can download the film.

    In my opinion the whole argument is moot. The video quality is so low I would never buy it.

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  • glocke12
    May 4, 06:21 PM
    That doesn't make it acceptable to torture him (or anyone else) - you can't win a war against terrorists by becoming a terrorist. Where would you draw the line and how do you determine that the line is in the "correct" place?

    If you say it's OK to torture someone who knows a lot but won't tell you what he knows, how do you determine he's not telling you everything and therefore sanction torture? Before you know it, you are sanctioning torture against everyone "just in case" and it then becomes a routine part of any interrogation against anyone you capture.

    I know there are no easy answers to this, and I don't know how I would react if my daughter's life was at risk and could be saved by torturing someone, but I do know that torture is wrong in and of itself and cannot be justified from a moral perspective

    One thing I have not made clear, is that I agree that it is wrong, and immoral, but at the same time I think there are some cases where it is called for.

    I do not advocate its use for ordinary soldiers or officers captured in a "real" war, but to be perfectly honest, I have zero compassion for the likes of KSM and people like him, to me this guy does not even deserve to be called a human being. Remember, this is the guy who beheaded Daniel Pearl, an innocent journalist.

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  • dark knight
    Oct 10, 12:53 PM
    iApache, would you give us a link to the original cardboard box figure? very nice.


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  • mdhwoods
    Feb 10, 08:02 AM
    Ya, switched over this morning. Says for incoming and outgoing so that is pretty good.

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  • OllyW
    Apr 21, 04:50 AM
    Well, more like 175K sold... another 175K given away free. :D

    They are all still sold. The phone manufacturer doesn't give them away free.


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  • shartypants
    Mar 31, 11:08 AM
    Eh, so so demo. Still not convincing that this would be useful for hard core photoshop users. It may be tough with big fat fingers to do some detailed stuff.(?) Glad to see they are working on it.

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  • djepsilon
    Apr 27, 01:06 PM
    You know what people should be concerning themselves with today instead of this non-issue? The credit card and personal information of 77 MILLION users that was stolen from the Sony network this week. Now THAT is an issue.

    PS. Do you think Sony will get sued?


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  • Doc750
    Feb 10, 08:06 AM
    ok I just switched the plans .. but I just realized that nights and weekends isn't unlimited anymore. It says 1000.

    So I lose the A list, and I loose unlimited nights and weekends?

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  • gkarris
    Mar 25, 10:44 AM
    This may only happen if they get rid of the consumer-quality GPS receiver in it. Would raise the price of the handset, though.

    It's more than likely going to be the use of their own software (iMaps?) rather than use Google which has their own Mobile OS now.


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  • Full of Win
    Apr 30, 08:43 PM
    Let me clairfy, I should of realized the Full OF Win would go to extremes. Anything that in public context is not offense or profane, which .Me is does not fall into. You get hung up a too much minor s__t. Fill in the blank.

    No, but I think the word 'me' does have negative connotations such as narcissism and self centeredness. That is my beef with it. The last word I want someone to associate with my name is 'me'.

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  • cloroxbleach4
    Mar 26, 08:17 PM
    Wow, that went for alot.


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  • jr24
    Aug 2, 05:24 PM

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  • leowyatt
    Apr 17, 05:59 AM

    Do you have originals for either of those please? :)

    Here is mine at the moment


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  • LightSpeed1
    Apr 4, 06:30 PM
    I wonder if Verizon will offer some kind of special offer for current customers who purchased the iPhone 4 to upgrade to the iPhone 5 for a good price.

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  • GrannySmith_G5
    Sep 16, 01:49 PM
    My ibook power adaptor broke. Anyone know of any 3rd party ones that are maybe a little cheaper then the official Apple one? Thanks in advance.


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  • leetlamer
    Apr 4, 10:02 AM
    This is why carrier competition is important. The T-Mobile deal needs to be struck down by regulators.

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  • Westside guy
    Nov 7, 12:02 AM
    I'm surprised no one has mentioned Lacie's SilverKeeper ( It works very well for backups; basically syncing your folders with the backup version (on your iPod, or your FireWire drive, or wherever). Unlike CarbonCopyCloner it removes files from the backup that are no longer on the source, and it only copies the files that have changed. Also it'll let you keep multiple copies of the backups.

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  • maverick808
    Jan 9, 04:28 PM
    im more than sure your going to get another special event when Leopard launches and it will have iWork and iLilfe launched at the same time as it now seems these are integrating more than before....

    Why have everything in the one day, when we now get the chance to sit back, take in what we just say and look forward to something else very soon..:

    I have to admit this is a good point, we WILL be getting iWork, iLife and Leopard sometime soon, and most likely new hardware around the same time.

    Sep 30, 05:32 PM
    Both Notes and GroupWise have better Mac support than Microsoft offers through Entourage. And for free.

    None of the three (Lotus Notes, Novell GroupWise, or Microsoft Exchange/Outlook/Entourage) offers the same level of support for the Mac as they do with Windows. The clients are always more limited and often buggy. But Entourage is the least capable and most expensive mail/collaboration program by far.

    I'm all for the new Notes client, and I wish Lotus nothing but success.

    Apr 6, 01:30 AM
    Is it really necessary to upgrade your phone every time Apple release a new iPhone? Come on... this is ridiculous. I'm STILL on my 3G (no S) and I can finally say I can't wait for the 5th to come out.

    I think those who buys the new generation iPhone while they are still under their 2 year contract are dummies. No offense... just wait another year and get an even better phone.


    Apr 21, 04:51 PM
    Or you have the case where people like you try to tout the Andriod OS as superior but in reality it is a disaster. I use several models of Andriod phones at work, for testing purposes, and each time I pick one up I want to throw it against the wall. I get really irritated with the cumbersome user interface plus the battery life is horrible. I end up having to leave the Andriod phone plugged in to the wall charger if I use for a few hours. We also have iPhones, and Windows 7 phones at work that we use for testing. Which do you think people perfer using at work. Let me give you a hint, it starts with an A but its second letter is not n.

    It depends on how you compare android to iOS. I personally get a full day out of my android phone. Thats with texting all day, one class where i am streaming peers papers the entire time. I am on wifi the entire time. I play Gameboy games for much of the day when i am on the bus. I listen to music when i am going around time on my long board. In all my phone is never in real sleep mode. When I first got the phone my battery life was about an two hours to two hours and a half, then I learned to shut off apps. I love the user interface more then apple. Yeah it lags occaisonally but i get to have all my lovely widgets where i can easily access them. I can see what my next apointment is just by unlocking my phone. I can read an email simply by swiping left. I can send, read a text message just by swiping right. I love it has every thing I need. If it doesn't work you it won't work but for over a million of us it works perfectly. iOS is not Android and Android is not iOS if it works for you it works for you no need to bash the other. I like iOS I just can't see my self using it as a phone OS.

    Feb 12, 03:08 PM
    Congrats to the four new Mods. I think it's safe to say they're all universally respected members of the forum and are great choices.

    With MR becoming ever more popular it has become harder to effectively moderate these boards, especially with the international flavour we've got going on here! I'm sure the new Mods will do a great job and will keep the MR community spirit going. Congrats again guys :)

    Aug 14, 04:39 PM
    The bootcamp desktop. :D

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